Double Love Island for 2023

Double Love Island for 2023

2023 is officially the year of Love, as ITV and Lifted Entertainment (part of ITV Studios) announce two new series of Love Island, coming to ITV2 and ITVX in the New Year.

As TV’s biggest show across 16-34 year olds, Love Island will kick start the New Year with a fresh batch of Islanders heading to South Africa on a quest for love and romance. In the villa of their dreams, their stay in paradise will serve up everything from bombshell arrivals to hideaway hijinks.

Meanwhile, Summer 2023 then sees the nation’s favourite dating show return to Mallorca for another eight week run.

The current series, airing across ITV2 and ITV Hub, launched to a consolidated 5.0 million viewers across all devices (including catch up across TV, mobile, PC and tablet), up on 2021 by +0.2m making it the highest launch since 2019.

Consolidated data has confirmed that the Love Island launch is now officially the biggest programme of the year for the 16-34 year old demographic.

The launch episode has been streamed 7.5 million times and the series as a whole has been streamed 74 million times.

Having once again dominated the national conversation, Love Island has spawned countless long term couplings, with seven babies (and another on the way for Jess and Dom) and four  weddings across eight series.

Paul Mortimer, Director of Reality Commissioning and Controller, ITV2, said:

“Love Island has once again proved itself to be the nation’s favourite talking point across the summer, and we’re always blown away by the show’s ongoing impact and talkability amongst our younger audience. So, rather than just serving up a Summer of Love, we thought we’d make 2023 the Year of Love with two full series of the show.”

Mike Spencer, Executive Producer at Lifted Entertainment, said:

“After eight brilliant series, we are excited to be serving up two helpings of love in 2023 by kicking off in January at a stunning new villa in South Africa. We can look forward to more romances, bromances and everything in between as we embark on another epic year of love.”

ITV Studios handles distribution of Love Island.

What the couples said: 

Cara and Nathan (Series 2)

Cara and Nathan said:

“We both went on the show to have a laugh and also hopefully find love, and that is exactly what we did…we had fun, we fell in love, and here we are six years later married, two beautiful children, a dog and a lovely house. We are still very lucky to be in the public’s hearts and minds, and wherever we are in the world, we always get somebody asking how we are or stopping us for a selfie. Without being on Love Island we would never even have met.” 

Millie and Liam (Series 7)

Millie said:

“I will always be grateful to Love Island for introducing me to Liam, we had the summer of our lives and I cannot believe it has been a year since we met in Mallorca. The Villa gave me a new life that has enabled me to travel and work with brands I used to dream of working with. I also made friends for life, so I will always thank Love Island and I highly recommend anyone looking for love to apply!”

Liam said:

“Love Island changed my life in so many ways which I will be forever grateful of. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and has opened so many doors for new career opportunities, but most importantly It brought me and Millie together which probably would’ve never happened without the show. If I could go back In time I would 100% do it again.”

Dom and Jess (Series 3)

Dom said:

“For me Love Island changed everything about my life. I met my wife, mother of my children, and moved across the country for a better life. Not to mention it changed the course of my career and now I get to spend everything with my family and working for myself.”

Alex and Olivia (Series 2)

Olivia said:

“Love Island changed every aspect of our life. From meeting someone, to falling in love, to getting to getting married and having a baby on the way and completely changing our careers. The experience opened up so many new and different doors, as well as so many new experiences for Alex and I. The best part was obviously meeting each other and now having a baby! The experience has changed us both as people and has given us such an individual life experience.”

Faye and Teddy (Series 7)

Faye said:

“We know without love island our two worlds would never have met. We were put through tests which proved our connection was real and untouchable, showing the world that two opposites can attract. We were able to learn so much about each other in such a short period of time yet we are still learning but with an amazing unbreakable bond which we owe love island for. We were able to have fun and focus on ourselves and each other without any outsider distractions it was an incredible two months with so many highs and can’t lie a couple of Lows however we now each other and are forever grateful to ITV, not only did it bring us together but also taught us so much about ourselves as individuals.”

Paige and Finn (Series 6)

Paige and Finn said:

“Love Island enabled us to find love with someone that without the show, our paths would never have crossed. We both found everything that we’d asked for in a partner in each other and we now live together in Manchester (we’ve been here for almost two years). We’ve got a new amazing group of friends and literally couldn’t imagine life without each other.”

Chloe and Toby (Series 7)

Chloe and Toby said:

“Love Island was the BEST Summer of our lives! We both had so much fun. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where you not only make friends for life but also potentially come out in a relationship too. The best best best experience ever!” 

Eva and Nas (Series 6)

Eva and Nas said:

“It’s been two years and we both still cannot believe we met on the show. Under normal circumstances we probably never would have crossed paths, so we’re forever grateful to Love Island for bringing us together. It’s amazing to watch the episodes back of when we first met and we absolutely can’t wait to see what the future holds.” 

Molly and Callum (Series 6)

Molly said:

“Love Island gave me the experience of a lifetime, the best memories that I will cherish forever, and of course, my soul mate.” 



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