Everyone deserves a second chance at love

About My Mum, Your Dad

ITV1 relationship show My Mum Your Dad follows a group of single parents who have been nominated by their grown-up kids for a second chance at love. The single parents spend two weeks in a stunning country retreat hoping to find a love. But there’s a twist – unbeknownst to the parents, their kids will be watching their every move from a nearby location, making decisions about who they will date.

From cringe moments to heartbreaking confessions, the series celebrates the vulnerability of middle aged single parents venturing onto the dating scene and, just as importantly, the bond between them and their child. This is an ITV studios format which has also been made in the US, France, German, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia


About Series 1

In series 1 eight single parents are dropped off at the retreat by their grown-up kids and nervously start their dating journeys. Down the road, there’s a shock in store for the kids when host Davina McCall reveals the surveillance room where they will be watching their parents’ every move. In a role reversal like no other the kids are given the power to stear their parents romantic journeys, making important decisions about who they should date and how.

The series is full of heart and humour as the kids go from cringing to crying as they watch their parents reveal their vulnerable sides in workshops and on dates. Throughout the series there are exciting new arrivals and emotional farewells. In the final heartfelt episode the kids are reunited with their parents and must decide whether or not to give their blessing to the new couples.


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